Reno vs. Relocate is an all-new series that pits property against renovation as homeowners tackle the expensive and life-changing question ‘Do I renovate? Or relocate?’

Style-savvy designer Robin Lewis works to persuade homeowners to stay put by using state-of-the-art graphics to simulate their dream reno, while expert realtor Vanessa Roman tries to convince them to move by showing a property that perfectly matches their wish list & budget.

Armed with all the information, homeowners have to choose whether they reno or relocate… BEFORE the hard work begins!

And once they’ve made the ultimate decision, hosts and homeowners will get to work embarking on a major renovation or continuing the hunt for the ideal property. Either way they’ll be moving from living in the status quo to a dream home.

Using a fresh take on the property and renovation format, Reno vs. Relocate encourages fence-sitting homeowners to take action, make a decision and move on with their lives.