When I was growing up people didn’t lock their front doors; I doubt my parents even locked the house up at night before they went to sleep. As a youngster, I could walk freely into my friends’ houses at any time of day and them into mine, regardless whether someone was actually at home. Having … Continue reading Home Security

Historically through present day, the military has played a key role in helping to shape and protect Canada. The men and women who make up the Canadian Armed Forces do challenging and important work every day at hundreds of military installations in this country and around the world. The roles they play are not static, … Continue reading Military Relocations

There are definitely things that will lower the value of your home, other things which will limit your ability to increase value and some things which are essentially a non-issue for re-sale value. The trick is learning which is which. Smoking is an example of something which isn’t good for you anyway, but also drastically … Continue reading What Ruins Property Value